listen to a new song from t-pain

t-pain sparked renewed interest around the internet last week with his tiny desk concert for npr, where he performed a handful of his hits sans auto-tune.  as jayson greene pointed out in an on-point article for wondering sound, t-pain is often the butt of musical jokes despite his heavy influence on the current state of rap and r&b, but he may finally be charting a course towards redemption.  along with that tiny desk concert (which is downright breathtaking, by the way), t-pain is gearing up to release his fifth studio album, stoicville, and he recently shared its title track.  “stoicville” finds t-pain rapping uninterrupted for almost six minutes straight, building tension for almost half of the song before assuredly dropping the beat.  it’s a far cry from his auto-tuned crooning, but “stoicville” is a stark reminder of the tremendous talent t-pain has bottled up.  take a listen below.