milo – things that happen at night

sometimes i wonder why i’m allowed to talk about hip-hop, but then i remember that this is the internet and i can do whatever i want.  within reason.  i gave the first of milo’s two new eps some love a couple of days ago, but things that happen at night also warrants some attention.

it’s fitting that i’m writing about this at night, because the five tracks evoke a truly nocturnal quality musically.  producer analog(ue) tape dispenser really hones in on some sleazy r&b tendencies that i immediately associated with my recent exposure to the weeknd’s house of balloons, sans the emotional rollercoaster of drug abuse.  milo is still just as philosophical, name-checking schopenhauer on more than one occasion en route to his destination of self-realization, and this time he’s aided by minor keys and samples of haunting vocalizations.

milo may be “leading a legion of book-smart idiots,” but he’s adding a unique degree of intellect to an increasingly-intelligent genre.  stream the album below and be sure to check out “the gus haynes cribbage league.”  it features an excellent verse from busdriver and is my favorite track across the two eps.