clearance – “haven’t you got the time?”

– featured image courtesy of alexa viscius – 

the chicago quartet clearance craft a particular brand of guitar-pop that effortlessly absorbs salient traits spanning the genre’s entire existence, resulting in a final product that is as infectious as it is immediate.  after a string of singles in 2013 and a debut full-length two years later, the band will release its sophomore effort, at your leisure, at the end of the month.

honing in on that aforementioned immediacy is clearance’s latest single, “haven’t you got the time?”  a prominent lead vocal lives in the foreground, examining the vestiges of a relationship, its status couched in the titular question and the static arrangement that initially supports it.  as “haven’t you got the time?” ventures further, the band sprawls out into the bridge and beyond, a gradual wall of distortion encroaching on the soundscape until the track reaches its terminal.

at your leisure is due july 27th via topshelf records.  listen to “haven’t you got the time?” below.