triathalon – “butter”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker – 

triathalon are just a few weeks out from releasing their latest full-length, the aptly-titled online, and the new york city-via-savannah trio have shared the album’s fourth and final single today.

on “butter,” adam intrator and company continue to fine-tune the early-morning haze that consistently washes over their tracks, sharpening a muffled soundscape to crystalline perfection before zooming back out.  contained within this panorama is a throbbing expanse in which meandering piano interjections, woozy guitar countermelodies, and intrator’s stuttering, pitch-shifted lead vocal all cohabitate harmoniously, an infectious trifecta in the foreground of an incredibly nuanced track.

online arrives february 16th via broken circles.  listen to “butter” below.


triathalon – “sometimes”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker –

the new york trio triathalon will unleash their sensual, after-hours aural inclinations in full on february 16th when their new album, online, drops via broken circles records.  folks eagerly awaiting the band’s full-length can now revel in “sometimes,” its third preview.

after cooly easing into a stuttering backbeat, triathalon ride the ensuing groove for two-and-a-half minutes, threading a busy bass line and chiming guitar chords through adam intrator’s double-tracked, shoulder-shrug of a hook: “that’s just how it goes / sometimes.”  capped off by a woozy motif that trails each iteration of its chorus, “sometimes” is an immediate earworm foreshadowing things to come in the new year.  take a listen below.

most anticipated albums of 2018

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as 2017 draws to a close, we naturally shift our focus to 2018 and the bevy of albums slated to be released throughout the year.  admittedly, the following list largely focuses on albums due out in the first quarter, with a couple of pipe dreams sprinkled in.  for those still trying to soak up as much of 2017 as possible, check out our favorite releases of the year here.  for those looking to forge ahead, read on.  links to pre-order are embedded if available.

rhyerhye – blood (february 2nd || loma vista)

three strong singles have thus far precluded rhye’s long-awaited sophomore full-length.  after returning this summer with “please,” rhye closed out 2017 with the supple one-two punch of “taste” and “count to five.”  if the samplings and album art are any indication, mike milosh’s work remains as intimate and sensual as ever.


Hovvdy Cranberryhovvdy – cranberry (february 9th || double double whammy)

austin duo hovvdy released one of 2016’s most enduring – and endearing – albums in taster.  cranberry, their first since signing to the venerable double double whammy, seems poised to flesh out the warm, lived-in aura that permeates their disarmingly honest work.  case in point: lead single “petal” drips with nostalgia, its assured pace gently giving way to tender falsetto.


quiet friendquiet friend – quiet friend (march 9th || elestial sound)

after years of releasing music by himself under the moniker mister lies, nick zanca has shifted into collaborative mode to build quiet friend with steven rogers.  the duo, along with a rotating cast of other contributors, sculpt an audiophile’s dreamscape; lead single “safe” is a whirlwind, but is also just a hint of what quiet friend have in store throughout their self-titled debut.

– other notable releases – 

a grave with no name – passover (january 19th || forged artifacts)

nadine – oh my (january 26th || father/daughter)

triathalon – online (february 16th || broken circles)

s. carey – hundred acres (february 23rd || jagjaguwar)

lucy dacus – historian (march 2nd || matador)

half waif – lavender (tbd || cascine)

helena deland – tba (tbd || luminelle)

ness nite – dream girl (tbd || pow recordings)

pat moon – tba (tbd || track & field)

yours are the only ears – tba (tbd || team love)


triathalon – “day one”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker –

triathalon exudes an impeccable smoothed-out aura.  with a pair of full-lengths and last year’s cold shower extended play in tow, the new york outfit has constructed an after-hours aural paradise, where the tempos are slowed down to a molasses drip and a falsetto perpetually flutters towards the stratosphere.

while things have been rather quiet in the triathalon camp throughout 2017, a glimpse of an impending release recently surfaced in the form of “day one.”  the trio’s palette has somehow become even more refined on the new single, with wobbly synth and guitar motifs steadying themselves against a more robust rhythm section.  wandering through it all is adam intrator’s lead vocal, switching effortlessly between registers to match a lyrical ebb and flow of varying states of mind.

expect to hear more new music from triathalon sometime in 2018.  until then, take “day one” for a spin.

triathalon – “south side”

– featured image courtesy of kelia anne –

musicians in southern coastal cities along the atlantic ocean have long preferred their indie rock studded with hazy r&b references; while the trend has begun to ebb over the past few years, the savannah-based quintet, triathalon, has endeavored in crafting a lush postscript to the movement.  the outfit will release their latest ep, cold shower, on september 16th via broken circles, its four songs containing high doses of sensuality and fewer beats per minute than much of their previous output.

“south side” is the perfect primer to the next leg of triathalon’s musical trajectory, so it’s fitting that the track also serves as the opener of cold shower.  adam intrator’s wispy, conversational falsetto frames “south side,” with aqueous guitar melodies and piano motifs simultaneously absorbing the leftover white spaces in the texture, but the quintet’s patience with – and embracement of – much slower tempos becomes apparent in the song’s final minute as its main melody grinds to a more glacial speed, bass and drums acquiescing accordingly.

muggy in a way only southern summer nights can be, “south side” is an indelible taste of what triathalon will offer up in full later this month.  take a listen below.