cam maclean – “light cast”

– featured image courtesy of sarah o’driscoll – 

cam maclean’s solo debut is only a few weeks out from release; the montreal songwriter’s eight-track full-length seems poised to be brimming with delicate pop gems, as evinced by its handful of singles.

“light cast,” the mid-tempo piano ballad that closes out the album’s a-side, is a concentrated shot of maclean’s aesthetic, his swirling falsetto layered on top of itself throughout the hook for dramatic effect.  packing sweeping orchestral gestures into a sub-three-minute package is no easy feat, but maclean executes his strategy with aplomb, traces of his signature guitar stylings still evident within a saturated texture.

wait for love arrives july 6th via atelier ciseaux; watch the chilly, plaintive music video for “light cast” below.

cam maclean – “wait for love”

– featured image courtesy of sarah o’driscoll – 

when vesuvio solo’s cam maclean shared two standalone tracks last year, the pair seemed to be exquisite one-offs, extensions of the soft-rock palette he had cultivated with his band.  instead, the montreal songwriter has been diligently at work on his debut solo album, wait for love, due out july 6th via atelier ciseaux records.

those aforementioned singles both make an appearance on maclean’s debut, along with six other tracks that showcase his effortless falsetto and meticulous arrangements.  unveiled this week as well was the album’s title track, the piano-driven “wait for love” breezy and tender as it absorbs synth stabs and distorted guitar interjections before being conquered by the latter, drifting off into the sunset as the angular, emotive motif loops to exhaustion.  take a listen below.