premiere – vivian fantasy

– featured image courtesy of bee cardoso –

the kaleidoscopic expanse of vivian fantasy wouldn’t be a bad place to spend the rest of eternity.  danny bozella’s output under this moniker is measured and polychromatic, a collage of shoegaze and electronica swirled with accents of pop.  on november 17th, the richmond, virginia, artist will release his latest ep, deep. honey., via seattle’s hush hush records.

bozella constructs songs either from the results of weekly self-imposed ambient exercises or from an initial loop; deep. honey.’s title track could stem from either process, but seems to hinge on a bleary-eyed motif that sometimes burrows deep into the song’s pillowy texture.  sitting more prominently in the mix is bozella’s lead vocal, its delivery a delightful newfound comfort that spurned the creation of “deep. honey.”

says bozella, “that excitement put me in a headspace where i just had the desire to make something more urgent-sounding and emotive.  it was actually one of the first tracks in a long time where i really surprised myself.”  and what a gorgeous boost of confidence it is; “deep. honey.” oscillates between hazy ruminations and a persistent four-on-the-floor pulse, bozella’s pleading vocal melody the main constant.

“deep. honey.” premieres right here on the dimestore.  get lost in the vibrant soundscape that is vivian fantasy below.


premiere – brett

out march 18th via cascine

washington d.c.-based quartet brett have thus far prefaced their excellent forthcoming sophomore full-length, mode, with two swirling samples of a refined, pristine dream-pop aesthetic.  here’s a third one.  “les ombres” is a confident album-opener, sowing its seeds in a pulsating, mid-tempo soil before blooming into an indelible chorus punctuated by mournful guitars and wobbling synth melodies.

mode is out next friday via cascine; take a listen to the premiere of “les ombres” below.

brett – “claire drained”

brett sounds
photo courtesy of the artist

though they hail from washington d.c., dreamy pop quartet brett would sound right at home anywhere on the country’s opposite coast.  the band’s latest single, “claire drained,” is a sun-bleached, mid-tempo collision of analog and digital spheres bound together by a resolute lead vocal that periodically clouds the song’s forecast.  its near-universal themes of self-perceived shortcomings and inconsequential over-exertions are laced through a passionate, aural love letter to claire herself, an intimate confessional that’s ultimately refracted through a lens of prevailing optimism. “claire drained” is culled from brett’s forthcoming album mode, out march 18th via cascine; take a listen below.