gosh pith – “in my car”

– featured image courtesy of the artist –

rekindled friendships can prove fruitful in a multitude of ways.  childhood chums josh smith and josh freed reconnected two years ago and quickly began writing the material that would comprise gosh pith’s first ep, the standout window.  the detroit duo showed an early propensity for mashing rigid beats against a combination of crooning vocals and angular guitar, forging a self-described cosmic trap that permeated their follow-up, this year’s gold chain ep.

after touring in support of their nascent yet infectious discography, smith and freed decamped to work on a new batch of tunes.  “in my car” is the first taste, its frosty, minimalist beat snapping resolutely underneath smith’s cavernous lead vocal.  the track feels surprisingly comforting despite its chilly first impressions, a testament to gosh pith’s ability to write hooks with an inherent amount of warmth and tenderness.  take a listen to “in my car” below.


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