nadine – “ultra pink”

– featured image courtesy of jimmy magliozzi –

nadia hulett’s lead vocal on “ultra pink” is a cool, commanding presence; together with julian fader and carlos hernandez, who both spend time in ava luna, hulett has begun teasing new music under the guise of nadine, whose debut album oh my arrives january 26th via father/daughter records.

complementing hulett’s breezy, assured demeanor is an equally breezy electric piano motif engaging in playful banter with the track’s backbeat, adding quick flourishes in its momentary white spaces.  “ultra pink” truly blossoms as hulett’s vocals begin to layer, compounded by a descending brassy synth lead that threatens to envelope the entire soundscape.  if its lead single is any indication, oh my should be a record to watch in early 2018; stream “ultra pink” below.

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