premiere – wetter usa

– featured image courtesy of kaytee callahan – 

all good things must come to an end.  for wetter USA, embracing that mantra means the minneapolis quartet will hang it up after the release of their second full-length, late bloomer, as lead singer melissa jones departs from their point of origin.  the band’s final album is a veritable swan song, its seven tracks showcasing jones’ lyrical prowess and the well-crafted arrangements cinched tightly just beneath the surface, a suitable bookend to wetter’s short but potent tenure.

for proof, look no further than “bug on the wall.”  dual, dueling guitar lines decamp to their respective left and right channels, enveloping jones’ crystalline lead vocal as its tenor moves between contemplative and confident for the duration.  never succumbing to the full potential of its catharsis, “bug on the wall” nevertheless finds release in the admissions of its final minute, a temporary weightlessness punctuated by jones’ stratospheric octave jump.

late bloomer is due out july 27th via forged artifacts.  its intricate, affecting second single, “bug on the wall,” premieres today on the dimestore; listen in below.


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